SwissTaxExpert is offering Swiss company incorporation in Crypto for an all-in-fee starting at CHF 2'999!

Due to increasing demand we have decided of offer company incorporations with crypto currencies such as BTC, ETH or stablecoins in collaboration with a local fiduciary in Zug.

Can you incorporate a company with cryptocurrencies in Switzerland?

Yes. It is possible to pay the required capital deposit in cryptocurrencies, if an auditor confirms the value of the cryptocurrencies. Such a confirmation is slightly more expensive than a cash incorporation but it saves time and removes the hassle to obtain a capital deposit bank account, which has been a major roadblock for crypto companies.

In order to incorporate a GmbH, a minimum capital of CHF 20’000 is required, for an AG the minimum is CHF 100’000.

How does an incorporation in crypto work?

First we will send you a questionnaire about the company to be incorporated and will agree with you a date where you have to physically show up at the notary and the auditor with the company’s capital deposit wallet. In the meantime we will prepare all the paperwork. At the date of the incorporation the auditor will confirm the value of the crypto in your capital deposit wallet and the notary will confirm the incorporation act.

Then all documents will be sent to the commercial register for entry. For you this is a very lean and convenient process.

It will generally take us 1-2 weeks to prepare the documents and get the appointment for the incorporation. If you are in a rush, we offer an express incorporation within 3 days (subject to the availability of you, the auditor and the notary). After the incorporation it will take 1-2 weeks until the company is published in the commercial register.

How much does an incorporation in crypto cost?

The cost depends on the complexity of the company to be set up. For a simple GmbH incorporated in crypto with max. CHF 1m capital and max. 3 directors, the costs are as follows:

  • Preparation of Documents:  CHF 650
  • Audit of crypto wallet: CHF 750
  • Notary: CHF 600
  • Commercial Register Fee: CHF 500
  • Handling: CHF 499

All-in-fee: CHF 2’999.- (for GmbH) or CHF 3’500.- for an AG

In addition there is an extra cost of + CHF 1’000 for express incorporation.

For incorporation of companies with a capital of > CHF 1 million, we charge an all-in-fee of CHF 5’000 + 0.05% of the capital. In addition such companies face a 1% capital stamp duty to be paid to the Federal Tax Administration. The declaration of this duty in included in the fees.

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